Jul 31 2017

All-New 2017 Buick EV From $40,495 In The U.S.

The Chevrolet Bolt hasn’t exactly set the sales chart on fire but General Motor’s next electric vehicle could be a different story.

2017 Buick EV

2017 Buick EV

According to Inside EVs, the company could be developing a Buick crossover that is based on the Bolt.

Citing a “very trusted/known source” who reportedly attended a focus group in California, the publication says the model will largely be a badge-engineered crossover with unique exterior styling. That doesn’t sound too promising but the source noted the model resembled something like a next-generation Buick Encore.

The styling differences appeared to be enough that some people in the focus group couldn’t tell the two models were related. As the sourced noted, “Some completely trashed [the] Bolt EV and loved the Buick, so I guess the designers did a good job.”

Speaking of the design, the model reportedly has aggressive LED headlights and a floating roof. The overall dimensions largely carryover but the crossover is rumored to have additional rear seat legroom. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jul 30 2017

All-New Honda NSX GT3 From €465,000 In Germany

Honda has announced it is making the NSX GT3 race car available to customer teams worldwide, starting from the 2018 season.

Honda NSX GT3

Honda NSX GT3

The race car’s bodyshell and engine are set to be produced alongside the road-going NSX in Ohio, while JAS Motorsport will assemble the race car and provide support to racing programs in Europe, Asia and South America. Orders from North America will be taken by Honda Performance Development and from Japan by Mugen.

The Honda NSX GT3 is eligible to compete in more than two dozen FIA race events around the world, including the Blancpain GT Series, Nurburgring 24 Hour race in Europe, the Pirelli World Challenge and IMSA SportsCar series in North America, the Blancpain GT Asia Series and GT Asia championship, the Super GT’s GT300 class in Japan and more.

Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine based on the one found in the production NSX, mated to a six-speed sequential racing gearbox that sends power to the rear axle.

“Honda are extremely proud to launch the NSX GT3 Customer Racing Programme,” said Robert Watherston, Head of Motorsport at Honda Motor Europe. “With the customer support of Honda, JAS Motorsport, HPD and Mugen, we look forward to seeing the NSX fighting for victory in the most prestigious GT3 races in the world in 2018 and beyond.”

The Honda NSX GT3 is offered for sale at a starting price of 465,000 euros ($543k in current exch Read the rest of this entry »


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Jun 24 2017

All-New 2017 Audi RS5 Coupe From €80,900 In Germany

Audi has officially launched the 2017 RS5 Coupe in Europe, which now gets a new twin-turbo V6 that’s been co-developed with Porsche.

2017 Audi RS5 Coupe

2017 Audi RS5 Coupe

The second generation of the RS5 is, according to Audi, the gran turismo model in their RS lineup, combining high everyday usability with an elegant, yet powerful presence.

The bodywork features a much wider and flatter front grille from the base models, additional air intakes next to the headlights and Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO-inspired fenders that are wider by 15mm (0.6 inches). As standard, the new RS5 Coupe comes with 19-inch wheels, with 20-inch alloys available as optional extras.

Under the bonnet lies an all-new twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 which develops 450PS (444hp) and 600Nm (442.5 lb-ft) of torque, which is 170Nm (125.4 lb-ft) more than the previous model and available from just 1,900rpm. Zero to 62mph (100 km/h) takes place in 3.9 seconds, with the top speed limited to 250km/h (155mph) as standard, and 280km/h (174mph) if you tick the RS dynamic package in the options list. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jun 12 2017

Remate: Nissan Sentra V16 2015 a precio desde S/ 7,268.67 en SAT de Lima

Nissan Sentra 2015

En América Latina, el Sentra B13 se continúa vendiendo como Nissan Tsuru, Nissan V16 y Sentra clásico hasta la fecha, donde suele usarse como vehículo de flotilla o de transporte público gracias a su durable motor y fácil mantenimiento.
En Perú se vende el Nissan Sentra (V16) desde el 1992, el (B11) y (B12) se llamaban Nissan Sunny las 3 versiones fueron fabricadas en México. El Nissan Sentra (V16) viene con el motor 1.6 cc y 16 Válvulas. Algunas unidades fabricadas en Japón (Sunny) y Estados Unidos fueron importadas por particulares. Las versiones japonesas vienen con motor 1.3 y 1.5 cc Tracción delantera y Tracción Total. Se vendió oficialmente la versión familiar AD WAGON (Y10), llamada en otros países Tsubame México, Sunny Traveler Europa y California en Japón.
Actualmente se vende el Sentra (B13) y el (B16)
Las unidades fabricadas en Japón traen el logotipo de Sunny
No se vendió el Sentra (B13) 2 puertas
Las primeras versiones importadas eran Ex Saloon y Super Saloon. Equivalentes en México a GST (Ex Saloon) y GSX (Super Saloon)
La versión familiar AD WAGON (Y10) solo se vendió la versión de lujo. Equivalente en México GSX y Japón Sunny California
Solo se importa una sola versión sedan 4 puertas en transmisión manual de 5 velocidades
Algunos particulares importaron el SENTRA de EEUU en versiones XE, GXE 4 puertas y el SE-R 2 puertas

Detalle de vehículo a REMATAR por el SAT de Lima:





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May 29 2017

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

Built by Audi between 1980 and 1988, the B2 Coupe still stands as one of Ingolstadt’s most beloved classics, even as a front-wheel drive model.

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

According to seller, this 1986 model posted to eBay is in “good to excellent condition”, and comes with approximately 123,489 miles (198,736 km) on its original digital cluster.

The ad also states that its Kenwood stereo with JBL speakers is in working condition, and that in the last 5,000 miles, maintenance on the car included a rebuilt cylinder head, new timing belt, water pump, roller, tensioner and head gasket, plus a new fuel distribution and pressure regulator to go with the new Bosch ignition coil.

As far as we can tell, the interior looks to be in pretty good condition, except for the mirror switch, sunroof handle and both trunk shocks, as pointed out by the seller.

All in all, we’re hoping this car is going to land with somebody who appreciates it for what it is but also for what it once was. While you could easily find more modern daily drivers for $4,500 (the asking price), few of them would have as much charisma as a B2 Coupe.


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May 29 2017

All-New Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Edition From ¥ 14,900,000 In Japan

Cadillac has just detailed the limited-edition CTS-V Carbon Black Edition available exclusively in Japan.

Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Edition

Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Edition

Japan is no stranger to receiving bespoke models from Cadillac and already has distinctive ATS and CTS offerings. The CTS-V Carbon Black Edition is perhaps the most eye-catching of all and is even more menacing than a U.S.-spec model.

For starters, Cadillac has installed the model with a carbon black kit that includes a black front diffuser and rear spoiler as well as matching side vents, diffuser and front grille. A set of gunmetal wheels also make the vehicle stand out. Customers will only be able to select between Sable Black and Crystal White Tri-Coat paint finishes.

Inside, the brand has outfitted the 16-way adjustable Recaro seats with Jet Black leather and Alcantara. Black is also present on the steering wheel, dash and parts of the center console.

A mere four examples will be produced, each priced at 14,900,000 yen ($133,000).


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May 29 2017

1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine

Limousines converted from sedans are becoming a thing of the past as those fortunate enough have been gravitating towards pimped-out SUVs and vans. That’s a bit of a shame, because long and low limos like this one are about as cool as they come.

1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine

1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine

What you’re looking at is a 1965 Lincoln Continental – not unlike the one from the opening of Entourage, but stretched longer and with a fixed roof instead of a standard wheelbase and drop top.

The classic limo was converted by Lehmann-Peterson, which executed the job so well that Ford extended its factory warranty to every one the independent Chicago-based coachbuilder made. And man, were they sweet. So sweet that celebrities and statesmen alike bought them up as fast as Lehmann-Peterson could make them.

President Lyndon Johnson had one. So did Senator Robert Kennedy, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and even Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko. They were even more popular in show business, counting among its owners Elvis Presley, Sophia Loren, Spencer Tracy, Hugh Hefner, The Rolling Stones, and The Supremes. This one was owned by the one star who was cooler than all of them: the legendary Steve McQueen.

Of course McQueen was better known for driving himself around in Ferraris and Porsches, or riding his motorcycles. But some occasions called for a chauffeur, and for those occasions he had this unsurpassedly cool limo. It was decked out with every luxury available at the time, including a window divider and mechanically opening bar with crystal stemware.

It’s been immaculately preserved since McQueen’s time, and is now heading for the auction block in Santa Monica next month, where RM Sotheby’s and Auctions America project it will sell for $100-150k. That’s a lot more than you could spend on a Continental (or any Lincoln) these days, but then nothing Lincoln makes now is anywhere near this cool.


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May 27 2017

All-New 2017 Lexus CT200h From $31,250 In The U.S.

The Lexus CT200h has reached the end of the road in the United States as Car & Driver is reporting the hatchback will be dropped after the 2017 model year.

2017 Lexus CT200h

2017 Lexus CT200h

The CT200h was introduced in America at the 2010 New York Auto Show and was primarily designed to appeal to European customers.

Despite being the Lexus’ most affordable model with a base price of $31,250, the car never really caught on with consumers as the company sold around 15,000 units annually in the United States. However, recent competition from models such as the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA has caused sales to dwindle and the company only moved 8,903 CT’s last year.

The CT200h will reportedly continue to be sold in other markets but in the United States the brand’s entry-level model will become the NX crossover which starts at $35,285.

As a refresher, the CT200h has hybridized powertrain that consists of a 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine and a small electric motor that produce a combined maximum output of 134 hp (135 PS). This enables the car to return 43 mpg city, 40 mpg highway, and 42 mpg combined. Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at but the $23,475 Toyota Prius beats them with 54 mpg city, 50 mpg highway, and 52 mpg combined.


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May 24 2017

All-New 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric From $23,800 In The U.S.

2017 Smart Fortwo Electric

2017 Smart Fortwo Electric

Mercedes announced the pricing details of the all-new electric Smart Fortwo, which is expected to hit US dealerships this summer.

The new 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is not only one of the most affordable ways to enter the EV realm, but is also cheaper that the model it replaces by $1,200, with the starting price set at $23,800 for the Coupe, excluding federal, state incentives and a $750 destination and delivery fee.

Pricing for the Cabrio version starts at $28,000, which is also the world’s only electric convertible available on the market right now.

This new-gen electric Smart features a more powerful electric motor, producing 80hp and 118lb-ft (160 Nm) of torque, a higher top speed (81mph / 130 km/h), faster AC charging thanks to the higher-powered onboard charger, more interior space and more kit fitted as standard.

The standard 7kW onboard charger means that US customers will be able to fully charge their 2017 electric Smart in an estimated 2.5 hours, which is about twice as fast as you could charge its predecessor. Smart claims an estimated driving range of around 70 to 80 miles (128 km), which is enough for urban commuting, given the relatively short time required for a full charge.


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May 23 2017

All-New 2018 Audi A4 Black Edition From £32,530 In The UK

Audi is revising the A4 range for the MY2018 in the UK by adding more features as standard and reviving the successful Black Edition version.

Audi A4 Black Edition

Audi A4 Black Edition

In fact the Black Edition spec proved to be so successful that more than 50 percent of UK buyers ordered one when it was available last time for the previous A4 generation.

The new Audi A4 Black Edition is available in combination with the whole engine range, from entry-level 1.4-litre TFSI all the way up to the V6 TDI Quattro.

The specification includes a set of 19-inch five-arm alloys finished in matt titanium, with Audi offering 18-inch gloss black alloys as a no-cost option, a titanium black styling pack that extends to the mirror housings, the singleframe grille and window surrounds, side skirts, rear spoiler and air intakes, rear privacy glass, acoustic front side windows and black roof rails for the Avant version.

The interior of the new A4 Black Edition also gains a flat-bottomed steering wheel, piano black inlays and up to £550 worth of equipment for free. All 2018 A4 models also benefit from Audi’s Safety & Service which offer emergency calls, online roadside assistance and Audi service request functions.

Sport models get a seven-inch full-color display for the instrument binnacle instead of the original five-inch monochrome version, front heated seats dressed in what Audi calls Twin Leather upholstery while S-Line models get a leather-Alcantara interior.

Audi UK also announced the offering of cruise control and rear parking sensors as standard to all of its models, starting from the A1. The rest of the updates include a revised Technology Pack that now offers the Virtual Cockpit, wireless charging and MMI navigation plus. Read the rest of this entry »


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May 19 2017

All-New 2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake From $96,680 In The U.S.

Shelby has introduced the 2017 F-150 Super Snake which draws inspiration from the Mustang Super Snake.

2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake Packs

2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake Packs

Based on the popular Ford F-150, the Super Snake features a ram air hood, front fender vents, and a new bumper cover. The truck has also been outfitted with a four-piece ground effects package, honeycomb mesh grille inserts, and a painted tonneau.

Additionally designers installed extended fender flares, a Borla dual exhaust system, and 22-inch chrome wheels. Lastly, the company added the usual Shelby badging and stripes.

The interior receives a modest makeover which includes embroidered headrests and a Snake emblem on the center console. Rounding out the changes are special floor mats and an individually-numbered plaque on the dashboard.

Under the hood, the 5.0-liter V8 engine has been equipped with a supercharger, a high-performance air intake, a billet throttle body, and new fuel injectors. Thanks to these modifications, the engine’s output climbs from 385 hp (390 PS) to more than 750 hp (760 PS).

Shelby declined to say how fast the truck can accelerate from 0-60 mph, but the company confirmed the model will be offered with rear- or four-wheel drive.

Production will be limited to 150 units and pricing starts at $96,680.


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May 19 2017

All-New 2018 Subaru Forester Black Edition From $25,695 In The U.S.

Subaru has introduced the 2018 Forester Black Edition.

2018 Subaru Forester

2018 Subaru Forester

Based on the Forester 2.5i Premium, the Black Edition features a modestly revised exterior with black fog light surrounds and 18-inch alloy wheels with a black finish. The crossover has also been equipped with LED headlights and a unique grille with a blacked-out wing motif. Four different colors will be available including Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl, Dark Gray Metallic, and Ice Silver Metallic.

The unique styling carries over to the interior as designers installed special seats with exclusive upholstery and simulated leather bolsters. Drivers will also find silver contrast stitching and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters. Elsewhere, there’s silver metallic trim and gloss black accents.

Besides the unique styling features, the Forester Black Edition comes equipped with additional standard equipment including a rear cargo tray and welcome lighting. The All-Weather package is also standard and it includes heated front seats, heated mirrors, and a windshield wiper de-icer.

Power is provided by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine which produces 170 hp (172 PS) and 174 lb-ft (235 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a Lineartronic CVT gearbox and comes standard with X-Mode and Hill Descent Control.

The Black Edition will be a $1,150 option on the Forester 2.5i Premium which starts at $25,695.

Besides announcing the special edition model, Subaru confirmed the 2018 Forester will be priced from $22,795 which is a $200 increase over last year’s model.


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