May 29 2017

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

Built by Audi between 1980 and 1988, the B2 Coupe still stands as one of Ingolstadt’s most beloved classics, even as a front-wheel drive model.

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

1986 Audi B2 Coupe

According to seller, this 1986 model posted to eBay is in “good to excellent condition”, and comes with approximately 123,489 miles (198,736 km) on its original digital cluster.

The ad also states that its Kenwood stereo with JBL speakers is in working condition, and that in the last 5,000 miles, maintenance on the car included a rebuilt cylinder head, new timing belt, water pump, roller, tensioner and head gasket, plus a new fuel distribution and pressure regulator to go with the new Bosch ignition coil.

As far as we can tell, the interior looks to be in pretty good condition, except for the mirror switch, sunroof handle and both trunk shocks, as pointed out by the seller.

All in all, we’re hoping this car is going to land with somebody who appreciates it for what it is but also for what it once was. While you could easily find more modern daily drivers for $4,500 (the asking price), few of them would have as much charisma as a B2 Coupe.


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