Jul 31 2017

All-New 2017 Buick EV From $40,495 In The U.S.

The Chevrolet Bolt hasn’t exactly set the sales chart on fire but General Motor’s next electric vehicle could be a different story.

2017 Buick EV

2017 Buick EV

According to Inside EVs, the company could be developing a Buick crossover that is based on the Bolt.

Citing a “very trusted/known source” who reportedly attended a focus group in California, the publication says the model will largely be a badge-engineered crossover with unique exterior styling. That doesn’t sound too promising but the source noted the model resembled something like a next-generation Buick Encore.

The styling differences appeared to be enough that some people in the focus group couldn’t tell the two models were related. As the sourced noted, “Some completely trashed [the] Bolt EV and loved the Buick, so I guess the designers did a good job.”

Speaking of the design, the model reportedly has aggressive LED headlights and a floating roof. The overall dimensions largely carryover but the crossover is rumored to have additional rear seat legroom.

The interior is similarly mysterious as insider said the model had a flowing dashboard and a large touchscreen infotainment system. Other highlights are said to include dashboard stitching and a push-button transmission.

On the performance front, the crossover will reportedly use the same front-wheel drive powertrain as the Bolt. However, it will reportedly take 0.4 seconds longer than the Bolt to accelerate from 0-60 mph.

If everything pans out, the Buick EV will cost $3,000 more than the Bolt. This means pricing would start around $40,495 before incentives.

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