Feb 19 2017

An Off-Road Porsche 918 Spyder Looks Better Than A Cayenne

The reality of Porsche today is that it makes most of its money off crossover SUVs, not sports cars. But who ever said the two had to be mutually exclusive?

Not Rain Prisk, certainly. The rendering artist has drawn up this vision of what a 918 Spyder would look like if it were prepared for off-roading. And we have to say that, the logic of such a conversion aside, it looks pretty badass.

It’s not entirely without historical precedent, either. Never mind the Cayenne and Macan that the German automaker produces by the, um, truckload today: Porschephiles will recall that the 959 (the 918’s progenitor) was originally developed for Group B rallying – the same category that gave us such splendid rally-bred supercars as the, Ford RS2000, Lancia 037, and Ferrari 288 GTO.

Now this looks like another kind of beast entirely – one better suited towards real rock-crawling than sliding across loose terrain. But it looks pretty awesome all the same, what with its brush guards, winch, big knobby tires, roof rack, auxiliary lighting, bumper barely holding on, and the appropriate splatters of dirt.


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